New challenges

Hello my dear friends!

So the first year in Character Animation at The Animation Workshop ended and I had AN AWESOME TIME. I am so glad that I finally learnt to animate, I met so many grand and inspiring persons and now I feel more than motivated to improve my skills and handle some new projects. I already have some ideas for the next months: since the 2nd year will be mainly focused on learning 3D-animation with Maya, I give myself the task to do one 2D-animation per day. I will also push myself to learn Maya properly and model more characters with the software. I will try to handle a better life-drawing sketchbook and experiment more with color and texture...

BUT the most upcoming project for me will be taking place in Kathmandu from the 28th of June until the 28th of July: I have been asked to come to the International Buddhist Academy by my cousin Christian to paint different pictures representing buddhist philosophy and history, nepalese or tibetan landscapes, symbols... I am packing my things before flying to Nepal in less than 2 days: you can not imagine how excited I am... I will share my adventure soon.

Tip tip tip : Stay aware and opened to anything around you because inspiration is EVERYWHERE.

I wish everyone a great summer  :)


Introduction to Maya

Here we are, the year just finished with 3 days of introduction to Maya. Great to close this big cycle with the first teacher we got at TAW Magnus Møller. I touched 3D for the very first time and I must admit I was scared but now I am just over-motivated for next year: 3D is very great! We had to come up with an illustration totally made on Maya.


END-YEAR Showreel

End-Year Exam

A year has passed at the Animation Workshop and to finish it we had a week of exam. One of assignments was to do five seconds of animation from the storyboard below. The Sultan wakes up suddenly after a fly introduced itself in his mouth. He panics and looks around, searching for the culprit. Lots of fun again to go through all the animation process. I really feel at ease with it and more inspired to push my limits and look for doing new animated performances.  


Rough Animation

Finished Animation


Interaction Animation

Lately I had the chance to be taught by Sydney Padua, another great figure in the animation world. She helped us to learn interaction in animation: we had to make two characters hug each other after a expression changing. Our characters were Hoghart from The Iron Giant and the Sultan from Aladdin.

 First of all here are some sheets where I practiced the characters in order to get use to their construction.

Then in order to have an idea of their relation, I posed them next to each other also to check the size relationship. 

Finally came the idea of an interaction. So I thumbnailed my animation in few key poses.

...and here is the animation I came up with. One more time it was a big challenge but I am very glad about the result.


Mister Stan

Two weeks ago at the Animation Workshop, we had the chance to collaborate with 4 directors/students from the french school La Poudrière. They needed our help to do animation tests for their projects which consisted in adapting children books into TV series. I worked under Jeremie's direction with my four classmates Ben, Sofia, Will and Agnete. 

For this animation above I worked with Agnete. I animated, cleant up and colored the dog, Mister Stan, while Agnete did the great animation of the neighbor. It was a real challenge to work with limited animation but also to apply the style of the book to animation. Moreover it was the first time we were working on a project we did not come up with so again, a nice challenge for adaptation. 

Thanks to La Poudrière's students for this great collaboration*

Charlotte, Jérémie, Clémence & Alix

I like blogs

I found myself creating 2000 different blogs lately... A list imposes itself

I began it in 2012 right after the end of my semester at the Drawing Academy
A kind of diary where you can find lots of my work from last year. 

I created this tumblr to share some of my inspirations. I try to upload it when  my desktop is  litteraly crammed with pictures.

My last "creation". I had lots of drawings and pictures I wanted to show you but also for me it was a nice and easy way to look back at my work in a nutshell. Tumblr fount its way here. JavaJuliette is my pot-pourri.

This was my portfolio before  applying to the Animation Workshop.

I am already sure I won't stop here...*